Service Ministries

As Catholic Christians, one of our most basic calls is to go and to serve. Numerous times in the Gospels, Christ commands his apostles and disciples to go forth and to be of servace. In the Great Commission, Jesus commands, "Go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19). In our lives, we continue to hear that call and obey as we are able. Here at St. Jude Cathedral, we have several ways in which we as a community may try and be of service, may follow through with that call and command from Christ to volunteer and be of service. 


To help those younger families with little children who feel they are too noisy or may be too distracting, do not worry about that. Here at St. Judes love to have all children participate at Mass when they come with their parents. There are some parents, though, who feel that their children may be too distracting. Or, they want to be able to really participate in the Mass themselves without being overly distracted by children. For those parents, we offer babysitting during the 9:30am Sunday Mass. 

Coffee & Donuts

Community is a very important part of who we are here at St. Jude Cathedral. We continuously try to foster and develop that community and family attitude. To help foster that growth, almost every Sunday following the Sunday morning masses we offer Coffee and Donuts to those who wish to partake. While this may seem overly simplistic, a little coffee, or tea and a good donut can go along way towards making a place feel like home.

Environment Committee

Over the course of the year, there are numerous Feasts, Solemnities, and celebrations which we participate in as a church community. To help the community better celebrate all these important feasts, the Environment Committee does a wonderful job of decorating the Cathedral and Our Lady's Chapel. These are people who have a good eye for decorating and a servant's attitude. 

Family Promise

There is no better way to describe this than in their own words. From their website, "Family Promise of Pinellas County is a coalition of interfaith congregations committed to helping children and their parents move from homelessness to independence. Families are sheltered while services are provided to secure employment, social services and housing for the family. You can help in building communities, strengthening lives." We are very proud to be one of the Host Congregations for Family Promise of Pinellas County. If you would like to learn more about this, click here.

Marriage Mentorship

This is the ministry designed to help engaged couples as they begin their journey towards their marriage. Working closely with the marriage coordinator at St. Jude Cathedral, mentor couples are assigned an engaged couple to work with over the course of several months, all leading up towards their wedding. The hope and goal is to give them as many tools as possible to build a great foundation so their marriage will succeed. Mentor couples are married couples who have been together for at least several years and who are willing to talk honestly about their relationship.

Sewing Committee

The sewing committee is one of those vital, however, rarely seen ministry. These dedicated people lend their talents to helping to keep all of the various fabric related items in good shape. They take care of everything from Altar Cloths, to vestments, to all things fabric related if it needs repare or some reworking. 

St. Vincent de Paul

The St. Vincent de Paul Society is an outreach organization which helps those who are in need in various ways. They provide dedicated service towards those who are trying to get self sufficient, or trying to stay self sufficient but may be a little shy of their bills one month. These dedicated servants also help at the St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen in Downtown St. Petersburg when they are able as well.

Vesting Assistance for Diocesan Events

With the great honor of being the Cathedral Parish, there comes the great honor of hosting various events for the entire Diocese of St. Petersburg throughout the year. Part of what that entails is providing the vestments, the "chasuble", for all the priests of the Diocese. In order to assist all the priests in providing an orderly way of obtaining a chasuble and returning it, there is a dedicated set of wonderful volunteers who help organize and distribute vestments at these various events through the year.

Welcome Committee

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